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Pushing Health Care Costs Down

The United States can push down on rising health care costs by paying enrollees $200 when they sign up for the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges. Every American deserves affordable healthcare. Enrolling more people will decrease insurance premiums by spreading the risk more broadly.

Remember that, throughout 2017, Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. And the whole time, Republicans were sabotaging the health care system in other ways.

Killing Americans

Republicans wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to kill 43,000 Americans every year. They succeeded in repealing the tax penalty for failing to carry health insurance. Instead of punishing people people for not carrying health insurance, this $200 payment would encourage people to carry health insurance. It would strengthen the Affordable Care Act while pushing down on all enrollees’ premium costs.

Completing the paperwork to sign up for health care on the Health Care Exchange takes time and effort. The website asks some tough questions and requires research. Those complications and the time commitments—right in middle of the holiday season every year—create barriers to people signing up on the Exchange.

Republicans wanted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to kill 43,000 Americans every year.

Instead of adding a burden at that hectic time, health care enrollment could help enrollees. Requiring health insurance companies to pay new enrollees $200 for signing up could give new enrollees more money in December-right when they need it to buy presents.

Spreading the Costs Wider

More people signing up will push premiums costs down. Right now, five percent of patients consume fifty percent of health insurance dollars. That five percent of patients surely bought insurance the moment they could. Expanding the pool of people paying premiums would push down on premiums for everyone.

Spreading the health care expenses to people who would consume less health care would decrease costs. And the additional people who enroll would also benefit from having health insurance. Everyone wins.

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