Experience You Can Trust

​​​​Jared Pettinato has extensive experience navigating complex bureaucratic landscapes.

For nine years, Pettinato worked as a lawyer at the U.S. Department of Justice. The United States trusted him to defend $16 billion of projects that include wind farms, interstate highways, and four new public rail lines in Los Angeles. After earning his mathematics degree from the University of Montana and his law degree from Stanford, Pettinato clerked on the Montana Supreme Court.

In 2018, Pettinato ran in the Democratic primary for Montana’s at-large congressional seat. In a dozen debates across the state, he advocated using the wind and the trees to invest in our tomorrow.

Pettinato litigated private lawsuits over control of his family business, and over title to his 1895 rowhouse. He served two years on a federal grand jury, represented multi-billion-dollar corporations, and navigated local building and rental regulations to start his small business renting rooms.

On a smaller scale, he personally obtained the building permits and rental permits to rent rooms in a house, and to divide it from a single-family residence to a two-family flat. He navigated the process for a zoning variance to add a deck.

Pettinato has published on political theory in the Salt Lake Tribune and in the North Kentucky Law Review. In his spare time, he plays rock-and-roll drums and hikes.