Stopping the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter

Stopping a dangerous, concentrated bison hunt.

Sooner or later the chaotic, overcrowded, and unsafe bison hunting at Beattie Gulch will kill or seriously injure someone. Beattie Gulch lies just north of Yellowstone National Park’s border in Montana. On Custer Gallatin National Forest land, the bison hunt has escalated in recent years as more Native American tribes and state-licensed hunters participate and more bison are taken.


Now, during the winter, the National Park Service lets bison leave Yellowstone, so hunters can gun them down by the hundreds on a tiny parcel of the Custer Gallatin. Some tribes exercise a sliver of their treaty rights to hunt bison on public land, but the Agencies lack political will to provide any meaningful breadth to those rights.

On behalf of Neighbors Against Bison Slaughter, L & W Construction, and Bonnie Lynn, Jared Pettinato, along with Matthew Thurlow at BakerHostetler, filed two cases.


We are seeking to stop the slaughter in the United States District Court for the District of Montana, in Billings (the APA case).

Separately, we are seeking just compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims, in D.C., for the impacts on Bonnie Lynn's vacation rental business (the CFC case). Each case will benefit the other as we strive to stop the dangerous bison slaughter in Beattie Gulch. You can track the progress below.

Neighbors Against Bison Slaughter v.

National Park Service

(APA Case)

L & W Construction


United States

(CFC Case)

Park Service and Forest Service's

Motion to Transfer the Case to Montana

Neighbors Against Bison Slaughter Motion to Consolidate

Neighbors Against Bison Slaughter Administrative Records

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